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Mark's Magic Shows for Children are loaded with fast paced colorful magic and lots of audience participation. The opening music routine includes two live doves and Trixie the magical bunny. (The music routine with live animals is available for indoor parties only). The child of honor actually performs a magic illusion and becomes the star of the show!

The Child of honor receives:
A personalized Magician's Assistant Certificate
A  Picture of the Magician

A Mark Young's Magic 32 OZ Squeeze Bottle Stuffed With Some Really Cool surprises 
A SPECIAL Balloon Sculpture
The Magic Wand used during the show!

A Star Page is also available for the child (or person) of Honor for an additional $25.00

Each Child at the party receives:
A Mini Paper Magic Wand that unrolls into a Bookmarker,

Activity Pages!

* Features subject to change or substitution.  these features are for small private parties only unless arrangements are made prior to show date.

** There is an additional charge for additional children if they exceed the number specified when booking the show.

Adult shows also feature a music routine with live doves and bunny and someone from the audience performs an amazing mind reading feat involving three other audience members!

Audience participation and fun
entertainment for ALL ages!

(References available upon request)


Booking Information

Call:  (856) 848-3642

Please call instead of emailing for booking or pricing information, thank you!


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